Testimonials From Our Beloved Customers

Let’s get the easy bit out of the way first. Stan provides 1st class tools, and even better service. Anyone looking to get proper Japanese tools, at an extremely good price, with no hassle, need look no further. It’s as simple as that. However, there is much more to it than just good tools. Stan’s … Continue reading D.C., England

D.C., England

In 2019, I decided to purchase an Atsunomi style chisel and compare it to a similar sized western style antique chisel. I went to various websites to read about Japanese chisels, which ones to purchase, how to get some made by local blacksmiths, and how to buy one from a local blacksmith. The name Stanley … Continue reading HM, Maryland USA

HM, Maryland USA

I just wanted to say thank you. The chisels you sold me early this year are by far my favorites. I thought I was impressed with them straight away, but after a good deal of use I am still learning just how impressive they are. They get sharper than anything else I own, even a … Continue reading MB, Wisconsin, USA

MB, Wisconsin, USA

The Sukezane Oire nomi I bought are simply great. They become and stay incredibly sharp. They are also well prepared, so I got really nice results by the first sharpening with less time and effort. How to achieve this? Stanley explains everything (but really everything) in his blog and with really useful tricks, including how to repair a chipped … Continue reading R.J. – Eglingen, France

R.J. – Eglingen, France

A year or so ago, I bought a few Japanese kanna (handplanes) and chisels from some of the usual online suppliers. I did my “research” and thought I would be getting quality tools. After setting them up and working with them for a while, I was not satisfied with their performance. I then dug through … Continue reading J.H. – Lancaster PA, USA

J.H. – Lancaster PA, USA

As a 4th generation carpenter, I’ve always been interested in the legacy of well crafted items. Finally, after 25 years as a carpenter I was ready to build my collection of heirloom-quality hand tools. I’ve owned many chisels, most of them new Stanley chisels, but they never held a satisfactory edge. I bought some older … Continue reading N.G., Bozeman, Montana USA

N.G., Bozeman, Montana USA

C&S Tools were absolutely wonderful. I am currently taking a course at the North Bennett Street School in Boston and am fairly new to hand tool woodworking. Even though I asked somewhat “newbie” questions, they answered with an enthusiasm that is rarely encountered these days. Made me feel like I was truly buying a handmade … Continue reading J.M., Boston Massachusetts, USA

J.M., Boston Massachusetts, USA

I have been using the sets of chisels I purchased from you now for several months and their quality level only became clear to me after many hours of use. They are the finest I’ve ever had a chance to use. They hold an edge extremely well and sharpen easily. A while back I decided … Continue reading K.M., Seattle, Washington USA

K.M., Seattle, Washington USA