K.M., Seattle, Washington USA

I have been using the sets of chisels I purchased from you now for several months and their quality level only became clear to me after many hours of use. They are the finest I’ve ever had a chance to use. They hold an edge extremely well and sharpen easily.

A while back I decided to start using the bench chisels I got from you with the same degree of confidence and force with which I use western chisels and accept the chips as they occurred. Hours of use later I was pleasantly surprised to find not a single chip. These stand up to hard use and really hold an edge. 

I’ve been doing a fair amount of mortise and tenon work lately and I recalled you mentioning that Japanese workers don’t use router planes. At the point where I would usually use a router plane I used a slick (usunomi) with excellent results. Faster results, No need to adjust depth for each pass and easy to obtain accuracy.

Thank for the tools, K.