R.J. – Eglingen, France

The Sukezane Oire nomi I bought are simply great. They become and stay incredibly sharp. They are also well prepared, so I got really nice results by the first sharpening with less time and effort. How to achieve this? Stanley explains everything (but really everything) in his blog and with really useful tricks, including how to repair a chipped chisel (thanks Stanley).

But I must say these tools have something special. In the pictures, they seem to be like other good-quality Japanese chisels, for example, they have a high U-shaped lamination. But they are lot more: there is something magic about cutting wood with them. They seem to glide through wood. At this point they have become like an extension of my hand, an incredible feeling. 

I also appreciate their design. There’s “only” the essentials but the essentials are perfectly done. I also appreciate that the handle is not in the plane of the back of the blade because it makes it easy to cut joints deeper than the blade.

Yes, the chisels you shared with me are outstanding, remarkable, impressive; I could use the same adjectives for Stanley Covington.

In his blog, he calls us Gentle Readers. In this case, he is a “gentle writer” who’s sharing (and not selling) his knowledge about woodworking tools. Making and using my own Gennou handle, for example, was/is an incredible experience.  He is also a gentle reseller: Stanley provides everything necessary and more, explaining all about what you are purchasing. Yes, we are talking about a gentleman.

Stanley, I really appreciate the way you sell these unique tools (sharing might be a better description) and enjoy mining the knowledge in your blog.

A lucky Man