About C & S Tools

42mm Hidarino Ichihihiro Mentori Oirenomi

C&S Tools is located in Tokyo, Japan and sells hand-forged woodworking tools made to its specifications and purchased directly from professional blacksmiths in Japan.

C&S is a stocking retailer, but without a storefront. We sell only to overseas customers, but at standard prices inside Japan.

C&S is owned and managed by Stan Covington.

Stan grew up in a middle-class working family descended from pioneers and immigrants from England and Scotland. The men in his family have mostly been in the building trades working as carpenters, cabinetmakers, and plasterers.

Stan’s oldest memories include shuffling through mounds of sawdust as a young boy while supporting boards over his head as his father pushed them through a rusty tablesaw to make cabinets. Stan later worked as a laborer, carpenter’s apprentice and carpenter on construction projects in the US. He also worked as a self-employed cabinetmaker, joiner, and contractor.

Stan studied Civil Engineering in the US and Structural Engineering in Japan.

He worked for two of Japan’s largest general contractors for 18 years doing construction and real estate development in Japan, Istanbul, London, and the USA. He also worked for construction companies, real estate development companies, and steel fabricators in the US.

Stan’s interest in Japanese tools stems from actually using them over many years to feed his family, and the time he spent working with and learning from Japanese carpenters, joiners, blacksmiths and other craftsmen. Selling tools is not very profitable, but it is an excuse to spend time with the very best Japanese craftsmen. The story of how he fell down this rabbit hole is something for another day.

All C&S chisels are hand-forged from Hitachi Metal’s Yasuki Shirogami No.1 steel, an especially pure high-carbon steel without other alloys such as chrome, moly, tungsten or vanadium.  https://www.hitachi-metals.co.jp/e/yss/search/shirogami1.html

C&S chisels are professional-grade tools intended for demanding craftsmen in Japan who rely on their tools to feed their families. These are men that insist on using very sharp, extra-hard, durable blades that are easily sharpened.

Accordingly, C&S chisels are not mass-produced wall-hangers intended for amateurs, home-center experts, or foreign export. They are hand-forged from the very best materials by stubborn, old-fashioned blacksmiths who refuse to do shoddy work. These are serious tools that do not suffer fools gladly.

Our blacksmiths are all highly-experienced master craftsmen with 40~50 years of experience, using traditional techniques in one-man smithies. They are very set in their ways, which is a good thing for quality. Sadly, when these gentlemen are gone, there will be no replacements.

Our prices are very reasonable. We charge the standard retail price in Japan with no “gaijin markup.” Prices are low because our blacksmiths do not spend a lot of time making/using pattern-welded jigane, applying decorative etching or engraving, or performing delicate hand-filing on the blades. They are focused on performance. The target consumer is the professional who uses them to cut wood all day long, not to admire while drinking congac and coffee.

In the case of chisels, as in many things of practical value, one’s options are beauty, performance, and cost. Choose any two. We sell performance at low cost.

You might be surprised how many inexperienced people unknowingly settle for poor performance, mediocre beauty and high cost. Not exactly six sigma choices.

Do you like sucky options? We hate being sold just sizzle when bacon was promised and paid for. We are trying to improve your options, at least when it comes to Japanese chisels and planes.

Give them a try.

Sukezane-brand Mentori Oiirenomi 10pc Set (3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42mm)
42mm Sukezane-brand Mentori Oiirenomi (hand-forged Shirogami No.1 Steel; Japanese Red Oak Handle)

If you would like to ask questions or learn more about our tools, please use the questions form located immediately below. We aren’t evil Google or incompetent facebook and so won’t sell, share, or profitably “misplace” your information.