N.G., Bozeman, Montana USA

As a 4th generation carpenter, I’ve always been interested in the legacy of well crafted items. Finally, after 25 years as a carpenter I was ready to build my collection of heirloom-quality hand tools.

I’ve owned many chisels, most of them new Stanley chisels, but they never held a satisfactory edge. I bought some older chisels off eBay and rehabilitated them, hoping for a better steel (based on my research), but the blades always curled when they hit knots.  During my in-depth research of quality chisels I eventually came across Covington and Sons Tools.

I learned a lot from the C&S website and blog posts. Stan took the time to make sure I was purchasing the right tools for my needs.

The tools that Stan provides are made by craftsmen whose attention to detail and legacy is crystallized in the tools they forge. You’ll know what I mean when you use them.

Honing a high-quality blade to a mirror finish, and then feeling it slide through wood with just light hand pressure is an experience lesser woodworking tools truly cannot provide.

Working with people who understand quality is a pleasure.

Here are some photos of my most recent project, using chisels and a plane purchased from Covington and Sons.